Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Day 2042: Results plus a couch.

Hello everyone!

The partial credit for my pharmacology exam was essentially nonexistent, so, as anticipated (however disappointedly (which apparently isn't a word according to my red underline courtesy of Firefox)), I passed pharmacology. What I really wanted to was to kill it with a skillet. Oh well. Such is life.

Pathology went gobs better. I don't know what a 90 is, but I'm pretty sure that's above a pass. Whoopee!

Today was given up to me not being ready to study. We have tons more to learn this block, for pharmacology in particular (20 lectures versus block one's 10...eep!), and yet, the motivation is not here it. Don't worry. It'll come back. ...I hope it does anyway... ;)

Oh! I bought a couch. I would link a picture, but the picture on the website is inaccurate. I have a microfiber suede couch, not leather. Anyhoo, a classmate of mine has a pick-up truck and he was kind enough to say 'yes' when I asked if he would help me pick up the couch and move it. So, I think when that is dealt with, I will feel infinitely more ready to study. ...I hope. Haha.

In other news, my darling boyfriend designed a t-shirt for my class/school. He's kind of the best artist ever so my class/school is more than lucky to have his work. I will reveal it in two weeks when everyone else actually receives them.

Okay, I'm off to bed! As my pal Tigger would say, ta ta for now!