Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Day 1984: Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

When you first hear the specialty "physical medicine and rehabilitation," you probably hear what I hear..."rehabilitation." Then, you think this MD is a physical therapist and then you think, "how sad that this person went through four plus years of medical school to do rehab." Snore.

Let me tell you, I met an amazing doctor today who loves her job and has, what appears to be, one sweet job. She sets her own hours. She does procedures (which translates to $$$). She does things that seem eastern medicine like (such as feeling out muscles and bones and testing nerves). She does not work nights. She is not on call. She gets to do sports medicine (and I love sports). She sees people of all ages.

This woman was so passionate and knowledgeable about her work that I was extremely excited by the prospect that I may actually have found something I want to do for the rest of my life...maybe. But this maybe is better than nothing!

What the doctor told me was PM&R (as it's called) is a three-year residency followed by (at least) one year in a specialty of your choice (post-stroke rehab, sports medicine, post-spinal cord injury rehab, etc). Lots of cool stuff! I will keep you all posted on how PM&R works out.

Courtesy of this website