Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Day 2005: Holy sh!t.

The first day was fine. The second day was a bit of a "holy sh!t" moment. We learned, I swear, an entire undergraduate course worth of immunology in one hour. And, after looking at some of the study resources provided by our pharmacology tutors, I apparently am not running (as in hitting the ground) fast enough. Did I forget to mention yesterday that by December 15th (of this year), I will have learned more than 500 drugs? Not just names people. Mechanisms, side effects, etc etc. FIVE. HUNDRED. I don't even know five hundred people, including celebrities whom I stalk.

My mom seems displeased that I don't plan on attending class today but after going the first two days, I know that I cannot passively sit in a room and listen for hours on end. I need to be actively learning, writing, thinking, or else I am honestly just wasting my time.

It seems quite evident that staying on top of each day's material is a very good thing. It also seems quite evident that I will defiinitely be studying while on vacation. (What vacation you ask? Stay tuned!)