Monday, August 20, 2012

Day 2003: The first day...

Today, my sweet sweet readers, was the first day of my second year of medical school. I have to say, it went pretty okay. Orientation was completed by noon (which is infinitely better than an entire week, read: first year). We only had one real lecture today, so that was good.

I, of course, hit the ground running. I am doing something very fun on my birthday (make sure to check the blog that day to see what's happening) so I need to be very on top of my school work this week. I learned everything I needed to learn today (the six types of necrosis/necroses, hypertrophy/atrophy, other pathology) so I'm feeling good. I am trying to get ahead but it's hard to be motivated on day-one. I think learning everything I was taught today (actual, active learning) is pretty darn good.

Also! Today is a good sign of things to come. I tried on a random jacket of mine (to take to school since they always blast the air conditioning) and found a credit card I have been looking for since late 2011. I win.