Monday, August 6, 2012

Day 1989: Wisconsin Shooting

While running errands yesterday, my local public radio was interrupted with news that a man had taken hostages at a Sikh temple nearby.

Images from CNN, Washington Post and NY Times.

I think I must be desensitized to all of this shooting and death because it didn't even register to me as I was listening to the radio that this would soon become national news. I have driven by this temple on numerous occasions and it seems crazy to me that something like this could happen so close to where I live. This is Milwaukee people. All that happens is people get drunk every minute of every day, not shot at.

Anyway, we received an email from the president of the school telling us not to talk to reporters about the people being treated at our hospital. I'm a medical student. The fact that I can identify a gunshot wound is probably the full extent of my knowledge. But, it's good to be discreet.

Here's to medicine healing the sick, the wounded, and, unfortunately, the terrible people who do bad things.