Friday, February 6, 2009

Day 263: Labs and exams and a lot of work.

Next week is my first week of exams. Physics on Monday, Physiology quiz on Wednesday and Organic exam on Friday. Let's not forget my labs on Tuesday. I took some pictures of my Organic lab notebook to show you how much work goes into this ridiculous thing.

(This lab was 16 pages, one-side)

Anyway, I need to do a lot more studying before my Physics and Organic exams. I realized what my problem has been this semester. Last semester, I was scared out of my pants that I couldn't do it. In response to that fear, I studied all day every day.

Now that I know that I can handle it, I'm just not with it. I'm fine, really. Just by my standards (and compared to last semester) I'm feeling behind. Like way behind. For example, I'm usually a chapter ahead in Organic. That was the only class that mattered last semester so that might be why I'm feeling behind. I'm dividing time equally between all my subjects so I just can't dedicate all that time, I suppose. I don't know. Either way, don't worry Dad. I'll be fine. I'll get my act together.

Tomorrow (Saturday) I will be having another Physics dinner party. Dinner followed by me helping girls with Physics (I know, it still seems rather unlikely).

You should all check out Hungry Girl. This website is amazing. If anyone wants to get me the cookbook (hint, hint) just for fun I think I'd love you for life. And deliver your first child. And perform your appendicitis. Among other doctorly skills I will eventually acquire.

Lastly, I think you should all know today rocked. I made this recipe from Hungry Girl, found my camera memory card (that I misplaced because it's me), and sold these boots I bought off eBay (not the right fit). Sweetness.