Friday, February 13, 2009

Day 269: Organic, organic, organic

Um, okay.

That exam was hard. Like I told my dad on the phone today, if I think something is hard, it's hard. And I only say that because I study my butt off and it's one thing for an exam to be good (meaning it really tests your knowledge and you have to know your stuff to do well), but this one was hard. There were a ton of mechanism and synthesis problems and that stuff takes thought. Real freaking thought.

For example, this is a mechanism: (similar to what was asked on the exam)

Scary looking, right?

Imagine having to come up with this stuff! In a 55 minute exam!

Anyway, I'm way worried there won't be a curve because he already gave us the bonus 5 points for the Steelers winning the Super Bowl. And an extra 2 point possibility on the last question. And I hate having to hope for a curve because that makes me sound lazy and/or unprepared. I wasn't. Te lo prometo.

However, I can promise you that if I thought this exam was hard, half of the class failed. Honestly. I know that sounds cocky but I study a lot more than most human beings and if I thought it was hard, people who don't study must have been dumb-founded.

So enough organic. Oh wait, no I lied. Next week in Organic lab we will be performing a thin layer chromatography. What does that even mean people? Science is making me sound crazy smart (even though I have no idea what's going on)

Okay, I'm done. I promise. I wanted to tell you fun things today (peroxides and free radicals and antioxidants and action potentials, oh my!), but I'll save that for tomorrow's entry so you're not overloaded with scientific fun.


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Hi Jess,

I am looking forward to your story, love story? :-)


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