Sunday, February 1, 2009

Day 258: Go Steelers Go!

Why am I rooting for the Steelers?

Well, my old roommate is from the 'Burgh. And I love her. So there's that. And my awesome Organic professor, Dr. Red, is from there and he just wrote my recommendations for my summer applications. And he's also writing my recommendations for medical school. Oh, and he's adding 5 points to every student's exam (coming up next week) if the Steelers win. So, like I said,


Let's see, what else is there? I'm still helping those girls with Physics I. It's a great refresher so I don't mind. And we had a pseudo-dinner party last night before we studied so that was cute. Oh my gosh, one of the girls is half-Vietnamese-half-Chinese and she brought over homemade egg rolls! I asked her (this is for my family) if she could me some Lotus Root Salad (which is the most delicious and refreshing dish ever!) and she told me her mom knows how but she doesn't. I told her that to repay me for my Physics help, she should get it together and get me some Lotus Root Salad!

Lotus Root Salad

And for those of you that don't know, I have a library boyfriend. He works in the library so I see him quite a bit. We don't usually speak. We just make googley-eyes at each other. I think we're in love ;) But I'm telling you this story because we spoke the other day! He's got a great voice. I think we're going to fall in love (for real) soon. haha, totally just kidding.

Lastly, SIP for Chem 1 is going well. Except for the fact that the class is so full that I have to sit at the front. And I don't mean the front seat. I mean I sit below the projection screen so the class sees the notes and me writing down the notes.

This is not how our classroom is set up, necessarily, but the point is, I'm sitting below the shoe basically. So that's fun. I don't mind, I just want a real desk to write on, instead of my lap.

So that's all.