Thursday, February 19, 2009

Day 275: And the first results are in.

I managed to pass everything! Yay!

Physics: I could (and should) have done better on the exam but there's four more, so I'll survive. I'm getting better about forcing myself to do it. Blah.

Physiology: Quiz 4 tomorrow. It's mainly about the sensory neurons. Fun fact, the reason that smell brings back such strong memories is because it is tied directly to the limbic system, the organizing center for feelings and whatnot. The other senses pass through your thalamus, where it has to be processed first.

Organic: Dr. Red was uber-kind when he graded. I managed to get an A (with or without all the bonus points and the curve) but even so ... it doesn't feel like I earned it? If that makes sense? I just like feeling confident after an exam and I feel like I could have come out with an A, B or C after that exam. So, I don't know. Whatever. An A! Yes!

And the studying continues...