Thursday, January 29, 2009

Day 255: Lots of things to say.

To make this easier on the eyes, I'm going to bullet the things I've been meaning to tell all five of you :)
  • I have had a full week of labs this week and they are going to be hard work! I'm glad to be done with labs by Tuesday but man, a full day of labs on Tuesday? That is a looong day.

  • I am just about done applying to internships (yay!). I'll find out in March so, yeah.

  • I helped some old SIP kids/friends with Physics I homework Tuesday night. I felt tres smart and I actually helped them, which was the biggest surprise. I managed to answer all their questions and help them answer all their homework problems.

  • I have started my SIP sessions for Chemistry I. I'm really glad to be SIPing for this class because I didn't learn it very well over the summer so this will be a great refresher.
You know, I thought I had more, but I guess that's all I can remember right now.