Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Day 247: The first real day of school

I had all my classes today. Physiology at 8 am (packed!). Organic II at 9 am (same old Dr. Red). Physics II at 10 am with the new professor (I'm feeling good about him; thusfar, he's coherent which is more than I can say for last semester's professor). And then an hour break and then SIP for Chem I. It was a day, that's for sure. And I'm done by 1pm, which is sweet.

My classes are going to difficult, but nothing I can't handle. I just need to get a hard-core study schedule together and then I'll be good. Physiology is going to be great. Organic II is going to be party (filled with lots of work, but I'm excited). And I may actually learn Physics this semester. Shock, I know.

Oh and I saw ... what's his name ... I keep forgetting all these fake names I give people ... anyway, the one I used to hang out with religiously and everyone thought we were dating? Yeah, that guy. Saw him for the first time since half past never. It was fine. I've decided boys are idiots because they're the ones that don't know what they want and are flighty. Pfft, good thing I'm going to kick his ass on the MCAT. Ha! Suck on that!