Sunday, January 25, 2009

Day 251: Physics frustration and knowledge entropy!

You know, I forgot how annoying Physics is. I've been doing my assigned problems for about 2 hours now. And I still don't get them. UGH. I mean, I get the problems in the book, but then the numbers (within the problem) change and then the math gets fuzzier. F-you fuzzy numbers! Grrrr...

I was much more productive today than I have been in days past. I think it helps when I haul my butt out of my room (and away from my computer and this evil thing called the internet) and sprawl all over the living room. Here is a fun science analogy.

Entropy is a scientific term describing the disorder of things. Things (in nature, life, and science) occur spontaneously (naturally, without at input of energy/work) the more disorder there is. Therefore, based on the disorder of the living room (as a result of books, papers, writing utensils, etc) ... I'm going to say the flow of knowledge is spontaneous. And I suppose that last bit was a bit of a stretch but hey, the analogy worked!

A picture I took using my phone (of my entropy!)...

Knowledge! Whee!