Friday, January 16, 2009

Day 242: And I'm back!

So I'm back in North Carolina and it is cold. I love that California is having a warm front and the east coast is having a crazy cold front. Love it.

Anyway, I got back to NC Tuesday night. It's taken me some time to get acclimated. There was a little issue with the apartment (involving someone staying in my room even after my roommate left...yeah...don't worry about it) and that was settled pretty quickly. Even so, I can't quite get back into studying. It's taken longer than anticipated? I think this is why I gave myself a week. It's been a slow process -- waking up earlier, getting back into science, et cetera.

Let's see, since I've been back I have...
  • Cleaned my room and bathroom (quite necessary)

  • Done laundry (today actually! Needed to wash the slept-in-but-not-by-me sheets)

  • Bought $100-worth of groceries (I'm eating healthy this year, promise.)

  • Researched and applied to summer internships (I'm not expecting anything, but I'm hoping like crazy!)

  • Worked out (thank goodness! I want abs this year too!)

  • "Studied" (quotations are key)
Oh! My Physiology professor has emailed the class a few times. It's going to be a ton of work but I'm excited. Now I'll have to learn to split my time between Organic and Physiology. Physics will get it's time...eventually :P Anyway, one of her e-mails said that by the end of the semester, we will know what they're talking about on shows like ER and CSI.

Um, I watch CSI. So does my mom. My sister watches Miami. How sweet will that be to go home and tell them exactly what's going on -- in layman terms? Pretty frickin'. Besides, someone has to know what's going on (since the actors obviously don't, ha!)

I'll let you know how life goes as I head back to no social life (I've dropped all those losers), lots of school (LOTS) , MCAT prep (I need to get that organized) and working out (my form of sanity).