Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Day 197: The end is near!

So many good things have happened since I last posted.
  • A friend from SIP gave me a ton of MCAT books. I am SO happy. I really want to start prepping for it because (I will only say this once) I am going to rock it...with hours upon hours of preparation. That, plus some hardcore dedication and true blue confidence...there should be no reason I will not kick the MCAT's butt!

    This is the actual stack of books my friend gave me.

  • Said friend has a Deaf roommate! I signed with him! I realized after the fact that I have never actually interacted with a Deaf person so it was pretty great. My signing was gosh-awful but he was very nice and he asked me where I learned to sign (high school and college) and I asked him what he was studying (English) and it was quite a nice conversation. I really miss signing. I was terrible though :\

  • I have decided to give a rat's patooty about the douche-y friends and I am completely ready to drop all their butts. Once I decided this (over Thanksgiving), I got so much joy out of it. I'm trying to figure out the best way to tell them to f-off but I have decided I am just going to ween myself out of their presence and wash my hands of them.

  • Biology I lab finished on Monday. Whee! (All the words necessary.)

  • I have a Physics test in T-minus 1 hour (give or take) and I just want to take it. I always get like this, too much studying makes Jessica antsy for tests.

  • I have an Organic exam on Friday that I'm excited about it. Well not excited, but preparing for. And yeah, a little excited. We can drop an exam and I have never understood that mentality of "oh, I can drop an exam so it doesn't really matter how I do on X test." That is just so dumb and lazy. I'm kicking this test's ass!


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I like this post much better than the others. I love confidant Jessica!!