Sunday, October 26, 2008

Day 159: Physiology or Biology II?

I am currently debating which classes to take. I'm obviously going to be taking the second part of Organic Chemistry and Physics (and their respective labs). The dilemma is whether I should take Physiology instead of Biology II.

My friends in Bio II say that all they're learning about is plants and ecosystems and things that won't be on the MCAT. Physiology is more applicable to the body (obviously) and to what I may see on the MCAT.

Basically, Physiology is the better class but I checked out some Admissions Requirements for some med schools and they all require one year of General Biology (whatever that means). I'm trying to see if I can have Physiology count as "general biology" or if I'm going to have to take it. I've also heard that it looks better to med schools that I've taken Physiology. And if it's required, I'll take it in the summer or the fall (wherever I am).

I think I'm just trying to get/find some affirmation that Physiology is going to be better for me (for the application process and the MCAT) and that it's better to have that rather than a full year of Biology when I apply. I mean, I'm going to get that year, it just won't be consecutively. Pish posh, at this point, what about me is consecutive or somewhat normal (by human and/or pre-med standards)?

On another note, I think I'm going to continue SIP. I think. I'll have three classes with three labs and hardcore studying/prep for the MCAT. Oh fudge. Writing it out makes it more obvious that my schedule next semester is going to be the death of me. Maybe I can't SIP. UGH.

Decisions, decisions.