Sunday, October 5, 2008

Day 138: Some new ideas

I've been thinking that since the love of my life Joy will not be here next year (fingers crossed she'll be at pharmacy school back home) and North Carolina is by no means home, I'm thinking about going home after I'm done this year. Granted, that was intentionally the plan but then I made friends and realized I'd sort of established myself here and blah blah blah. Then I realized my friends are only so-so (the norm, discovering flaws in people after you've hung out with them so much) and my sister's pretty convinced that this place is not good for my soul (she may or may not be correct in that assumption).

The old plan: Stay here. Take calculus over the summer OR (maybe) apply to this "Medical Education Development Program" at UNC-Chapel Hill (basically a program where I take med school courses before I actually get in to medical school). Take cool courses like biochemistry and physiology to further my science aptitude and impress med schools. I would have already established myself -- with the school, with a hospital where I volunteer, etc. Post-bacc friends are here! (Some will leave but most of them will still be here.) Live with Chris (as was the plan) -- and may a somewhat small rent.

The "new" plan: Go home. If I don't do the MedEd (my own little shortening :D) program, then I will have taken calculus so I can scratch that sucker off. Enroll in a local state school where I will take biochemistry and physiology to further my science aptitude. I need to look more into it but maybe I could take it at the Berkeley extension which will certainly impress schools more than UNCG (let's be honest). Be with my family. Be much closer to my sister. Be with other, non-post-bacc friends. Not pay rent. Save more money. Be closer to schools I'm applying to (read: in-state).

As it looks, I'm leaning towards this new plan (hence the more prevalent pros) but it's still in the works.

Any thoughts?


Jess said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

How far ahead of time do you have to decide to do one or the other? Because if it's not too far before the summer, I'd say wait and see how you feel--I know you've felt rather in a funk about your friends and whatnot recently. That could be affecting how you feel about staying in NC.

I'd say apply for the program, see how that pans out. If you don't get in, go home and save money (since, going in to med school, you can't have enough). Plus, you know, family can't be underrated.

Obviously, I love you no matter which you choose. And I can't even be biased towards you coming (going?) home, since I won't be there. Sad story.

c.bellardo said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I'm in agreement with Jess. One thing to take into consideration might be that you wouldn't necessarily get to see your sister more, because (unless something happened that I'm not aware of) she is in So.Cal.

btw. I want to know more about the personal stuff.