Friday, October 24, 2008

Day 157: Back to school and NY Pictures

Hey all,

I have returned from the Big Apple. It's still big and apple like. Anyhoo, here are the few pictures I took of the city and whatnot.

New York Public Library -- a couple was getting married that day!

Ashley's hand is blocking the flash -- still, fun picture :P

Central Park (from the lower west side)

More shots from the nouveau-discovered-lake-thing

Just a guy lounging, reading, enjoying the day

It's been a difficult week. Mainly because my head hasn't been in the game but I'm setting it straight this weekend. It was an easy week though, no labs, just hanging out really.

Physics test next week (uh, yeah, about that) and then a Chem II test to proctor. And then more tests. Whatever, c'est la vie de une etudiante (I have no idea if any of that was correct...I like to make up words in different languages :P)