Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Day 021: The second test and then some

This test was quite a doozy. It was a lot of information to deal with and regurgitate and all that good fun but it went fine. I made an annoying multiple choice error and those are pretty much you know it or you don't. And it was a toss-up between B or C and of course I picked the wrong one. Bah! Overall, I think I got the rest of them so we'll wait and see.

I had a meltdown in lab today because my California lab partner (let's call him Chris) and I screwed up. We fixed it, eventually, but I was having a serious panic attack because there's a difference between slight error and huge f-up, you know? Luckily things worked out in the end.

This is the perfect segue into how much the Enforcer sucks.

Hmm, I wonder how many significant figures are in the word "soup"?

She's a despot about stupid pointless crap (like maintaining significant figures) and so I did fine on the first lab and so-so on the second. Since labs are all I have ... well, now I need to talk to that bobbing idiot to make sure I have my reports together. So, in case I haven't actually stated it, she sucks. And I do not like her. However, one must triumph and prevail and whatever crap people say when life throws you really annoying curve balls.

I made another post-bacc friend, Michael. He's also from North Carolina, married with kids, and he's going to be a dentist. He's great because we're kind of on the same scientific memorization (or whatever you want to call it) level so it's good to work with him because we keep each other in check. All in all, I'm feeling good about my post-bacc friendships and new study circle :)


John said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Hi Jess,

I do not remember who said this: the successful person that excels in life is the one that knows how to deal with the enemy. (I think what the sole purpose of the enemy is gaining victory over the other party, even destroying the other party at the extreme case.)

Of course this is similar to turning the storm around so that it becomes headwind for the airplane to take off.

I am sure you can find a way to cope with the hassle the "despot" caused and acquiring the experience to irrigate yourself to be a stronger person.

As far as the decimal point, it is related to the quanty of medicine the doctor given to the patient. The medicine needs to have chemical reaction with human body tissues to achieve its goal of healing a sick body. The conpound from chemical reaction will be different if 0.1 gram is replaced with 0.01 gram.

Try to understand (ask the "despot") what and why she was so serious about the significant figures. There must be a reason behind it.