Monday, June 2, 2008

Day 013: The first test....dun duh duuuunnn

Things that are true:
  • The stable ion of potassium has a charge of +1.

  • Come Monday, I was beyond ready for this test. I wanted to take it when I woke up at 9:45am...that's how much I studied.

  • "In the periodic table, the elements are arranged in b) order of increasing atomic number."

  • I made some stupid mistakes on my test (250000001 has 9 significant figures and is NOT ambiguous, as I thought).

  • One mole of water weighs b) 18 g

  • I kicked that test's ass!

This was a good first test. It gives me an idea of what kind of tests he creates and what to look out for. Some questions had questionable wording and I'm actually rather annoyed that I got some questions wrong due to unclear wording, but hey, it's all in the learning curve.

In other news, I met another postbacc guy. He's from North Carolina and was non-science like me so has to take ALL the sciences...we'll be seeing a lot of each other. I talked to another Asian kid! He has a southern/North Carolina accent and everything! ...definitely a little weird.

Other than that, it's a new week. More lectures and more labs. There will probably be some "not-pop" quizzes and two lab report collections so...yeah.


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