Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Day 029: The third test and more clarification

The test was fine. It felt a bit difficult -- I probably left one question blank on each page the first time around and that's pretty intense for me. I got through everything and, like I said, it was fine. This apathy is still hanging around but it didn't really hinder my studying or test-taking ability. I'm just "meh" about everything.

After the test, a group of us were talking and we decided this test was tricky and annoying and was a little taxing (basically, a very Shazam-like exam) but I think we all did well enough.

Uhh, B? No, I think it's C. ...eeny, meeny, miney, mo!

Nick joked that none of us got a hundred so he's quitting our study group. (Oh, I forgot to mention that Chris made a hundred on the last exam.) Nick also got the lowest score on the last exam out of our foursome -- a 97. Ouch. I know, pretty pitiful, right? That's why he's ready to quit ;)

So since we didn't get through enough of Chapter 7, we're not getting quizzed tomorrow. We're getting quizzed Monday and our 7, 8, 9, 10 exam on Tuesday is going to be a "whatever's leftover" quiz. However, Chris and I decided that there is no way he's going to get all the way to Chapter 10 by Monday (our last official day of class) so we're probably going to finish Chapter 8. Tops.

Uhh, it'll be tons of fun when Summer Session II starts and we start on Chapter 13. FUN, I say.


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Hi Jess,

Do your best and be creative in studying!!! I have confidence in your ability to learn quick and learn it well since you are smart.

The way to do one thing perfect is FOCUS, FOCUS and FOCUS!!! Do not forget to be humble when facing science so that you will let the knowledge irrigate your mind.