Saturday, May 31, 2008

Day 011: Studying for the first test

Sorry for not updating (somewhat) regularly. Classes have "officially" begun. We do a real lab every day. Then I have class. Suddenly, the week's over and I work over the weekend. Next thing you know, Monday is right around the corner and my first test awaits! And then the whole process starts over again. With a test every Monday until Summer Session 1 ends. Joy.

Calm down Dad, I am studying. Hard. Practice problems. Reviewing my notes. Rereading chapters. I got it, don't worry. And with no friends, studying, working out and updating this blog are the best way to pass the time.

Anyway, everything seems okay. Right now, I'm at the point of review...and memorization. Polyatomic ions (nitrate = NO3- , nitrite = NO2- , etc), Dalton's Atomic Model (and what was wrong with his model), blah blah blah. Specifics are boring.

Just know th
at this is more along the lines of a re-acclimation process. I'm re-familiarizing myself with chemical concepts, the periodic table, etc etc. Hopefully this first test (cross your fingers!) will start me in the right direction (towards kicking science's ass).

Take that science!


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good luck on your test lovey-dovey