Saturday, November 1, 2008

Day 165: Test results and thensome

I pretty much bombed my Physics test.

I didn't really, but when you get straight freaking A's for 5 months, getting anything less is a complete disaster. I don't want to talk about my grade or how much I completely abhor this professor. I just have to move on (because there's nothing I can do) and learn me some physics.

Halloween was fun. The post-bacc crew (we've grown quite a bit from the Fantastic Four) had a little shindig which involved spaghetti-and-meatballs, me and Joy being the only people to wear costumes, and my friends speaking Chinese to my Dad. All in all, it was a good night.


John said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Hi Jess,

It was fun to hear your friends speaking Chinese, especially on "HALLOWEEN" night. Glad you had a good time, and cherished any happy moment with your friends.

You got a good attitude after knowing the result of physics test. Learn the lesson and move on. I have COMPLETE confidence on your intelligence and you can adjust quick.

As always, be humble as a empty bottle so that water can be filled in.