Thursday, May 22, 2008

Day 001: The first day of class

Well, I survived. It wasn't even that bad. My lecture professor is a Middle Eastern guy who has this tendency to shout ... all the time. He's fairly amusing and jokes a lot but is serious about teaching us chemistry. For example, he told us, "I don't give pop quizzes. Instead, I say we may or may not have a quiz everyday." (insert class laughter here) So, we'll see how it all goes.

Currently, I understand the material (always, always good) and it's essentially a review phase. The lovely chemistry book I showed you in the last entry is succinct and clear (which makes for easier learning and memorization). Sadly, the person who owned this book before me sucked at highlighting. She focused on all the wrong points. And trust me, they are wrong.

Oh, and my class? There are, I think, two Asians. The other girl and me. There may be more. But I think out of a class of 50-60, and with maybe five Asians tops, things are looking okay. My mom pointed out that white people are smart too so yeah, she's got that part right, but whatever. Not a million Asians.

However, a lot of my class wants to go to medical or dental school so that's troublesome.

How many of you want to go to medical school?

They all want and need good grades too. I comforted myself with the fact that they're all probably trying to get into Duke or some place else in state but then I realized that doesn't matter. They need the A as much as I do and, well, despite the lack of Asians, I guess I'm screwed. Again. Dammit.

Anyway, today I have my first lab. I e-mailed the instructor beforehand about the handouts she had on Blackboard and she was pretty snippy in her reply. We're going over lab policies and safety procedures and all the other handouts she expects us to preprint before class because she's not providing any in class. Ugh. Ho-bag.