Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Day 2176: Urology and unnecessary rudeness.

Hi! We had our elective lottery this week and I got urology, like I wanted! :) Hello full schedule of rotations!

This is the order: ob/gyn, psych/neuro, anesthesiology/emergency medicine, family med, urology, 1 week winter break, internal medicine, surgery, pediatrics.

Speaking of Ob/Gyn, I contacted the clerkship director (extremely early) to ask for time off in July for my friend's wedding (my third time as bridesmaid, much to the displeasure of my mother who believes I am now cursed/jinxed to never marry). Well, this is the "sweet" reply she sent:
Hi Jessica

We do not give time off from the clerkship for weddings.  However, you only need to report to your assigned hospital location on the weekends if you are on call.  Currently, we require two days of weekend call (separate weekends) and allow the students to create their own call schedules. I cannot promise you this policy will continue for the next academic year as we continue to review the clerkship, but I think you will most likely be able to work the call schedule out with your classmates to ensure you have that weekend off to attend the wedding.

Please contact me with any questions or concerns.
So, I think it means I will get the wedding weekend off. I think? I'll keep you all posted.

Tomorrow, I will shadow a urologist from 8:30am to lunchtime. Lunch with my friend L. Study time. Female physical exam (checking the cervix and uterus with a speculum, performing the bimanual exam). We had a little female exam demonstration/workshop last week and I showed my group how to do it since I was the resident expert (having done 4-5 this past summer; go me).

My new microbiology course starts on Friday, not fun. I am also giving a tour that day for med school interviewees (my aforementioned friend L is interviewing that day! Yay!) so that'll be fun (because I get free lunch and get to be my awesome self).

And! Jess might be working here in Milwaukee for 6ish weeks! Yayyyyy! Boo to the fact that she'll be here from May to June (the absolute worst month/six weeks of my life aka boards/Step 1 studying for 10 hours (no joke) a day). I'll make it work!