Saturday, January 12, 2013

Day 2158: More on rotations. NFL Playoffs!

Hey all,

I am hitting a wall with my studying, so, of course, I am going to write a blog post about hitting said wall. Post over. Thanks for reading.

Joke! Okay, so, I want to show you this.

Remember the post on rotations (selection)? Well, apparently, I have to pick 10 of the 16 tracks and hope the lottery will give me my first choice. As you can see, it was stressful trying to pick which other 9 I wanted and apparently, I don't know how to read because I wrote F14 and F15 twice. We will find out on Monday January 21st (tentatively; IT issues live in med schools) which track we all got. I am hoping for B4! That's my baby!

Also! The Packers play the 49ers today! Ahhhh! Who to support?!

I really need to paint/make a 49ers shirt if Jim Harbaugh keeps taking the Niners to the playoffs! Geez! A friend organized a little dinner + playoffs thing at a pub downtown so I'll be headed there shortly. Burgers + fries + classmates I actually like + football (especially Packers/49ers football) = a good time. Pictures to come!