Sunday, December 9, 2012

Day 2124: I'm so bored.

I am sure I have posted this title before. However, it doesn't stop it from being true. I have been studying all weekend and with rainy, dreary weather to accompany me, it's amazing I haven't tried to sleep my life away.

Anyway, I am so bored with every aspect of my life that I am blogging to pass the boredom (and in hopes of getting my last bit of motivation together to review my last few topics).

Train of thought blogging. Go! I spoke to my pal LC (whom I met at my friend's bachelorette/wedding) and I adore her. We spoke for an hour and my life was just about complete. I perused eBay all day and didn't win some jeans I bid on. But then I won some other jeans. Here are (Instagram) pictures I have taken today to try to evade studying...

This is how I study...with recycled paper and lots of writing.

Study food. Savory oatmeal = almonds, beans, onions,
cheese and a bit of garlic powder. Amazing.

I am so everywhere right now. I'm sure you can't tell. I hide it veryyyyyyy well. Okay, I have obviously lost my mind. I'm going to go search for it in the recycling bin.


Raindrops of Sapphire said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Hey! It's Lorna :) Thank you for your very sweet comment on my blog! I did reply to it on mine, but thought I would reply here after I checked yours out too! I think you look really cute :)