Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Day 1977: STRESS.

I've had a lot of cool things happen to me at the clinic this week. Stitches, my first PAP smear, more independent learning. Cool things.

However, I don't have "time" to blog about that right now. My computer has been a sh!tshow lately (pardon my French) and I had to take it in to Apple twice where they charged me $245 to replace the hard drive, hard drive cable and charge me a labor fee on top of all of that.

Right now, I am so stressed out. I have no idea how to restore all my backed up files into my newly rejiggered MacBook Pro. If that stupid overly social "genius" today wasn't so worried about impressing me and being the "cool dude bro," maybe he could have actually made sure I wasn't a completely lost cause when I came home. I am cursing a lot in my brain right now.