Friday, July 20, 2012

Day 1972: A good day.

I had such a wonderful day today!

These past two days, I have been feeling very blah about my externship. The first day was my first blah day and it was a bit concerning for me. The second day, I realized that my blah feelings were due to the fact that I felt like my learning has slowed and as a result I am shadowing more.

Well! Today, I learned how to check reflexes, which is very gratifying every time you make someone kick on the first go. It seems banal but these are things family practitioners have to know!

In addition, I had the absolute pleasure of having a Deaf patient today! Boy would my old ASL teacher be disappointed in me! I couldn’t remember how to sign “husband” or “deaf” for that matter. I signed a weird version of “deaf” and “home” (I had my ‘d’ going in the incorrect direction). It made me laugh in my head when the doctor I was working with today kept shouting at her. She’s deaf. Shouting or not, she won’t be able to hear you know...she’s deaf.

In other news, the other doctor I work with came in for her son’s 9 month well baby check. OH MY WORDS. HE IS SO CUTE. I have to tell you, I was making faces at the boy, and the two doctors I work with commented on how good I am with children and how much they all like me...which is a nice thing to hear.

So, after two blah days, I ended the week on a good note and feeling pumped for my next work day (Tuesday of next week).

Have a good weekend!