Thursday, February 9, 2012

Day 1360: Drastic changes I

Hello hello.

In comparison to my fairly regular daily posts of January, I am obviously way off the mark for February. Nevertheless, I am realizing that perhaps substance over quantity is important. But who doesn't like picture posts? They break up the monotony of text text text.

Anyway, as I described last week, my performance on exams last week was poor. It made me very unhappy and honestly made me doubt myself more than necessary. I worried I didn't belong in medical school and I could not figure out for the life of me what I was doing wrong.

Well. Let me tell you something. I went to bed very early Sunday night, due to a headache and general lack of sleep the previous week. I woke up at 6:45am to attend class. Whoa. Apparently, when you sleep well, you not only stay awake through four hours of nonstop class, but you actually learn something. Monday was a very eye-opening day for me. I have been to lecture every day (well, except yesterday but I had a good reason for skipping, promise; AND I even watched last year's lectures early to make up for the lectures I would be missing yesterday) and it has been surprising how a) easy it is to wake up early, b) how much I listen and learn in class, and c) how much more professors get to know me (which I know will make my mother tres happy).

Overall, I feel like this new strategy will give me the support/boost I need to reaffirm my place here. Struggles are a part of life and I need to remember I can not only overcome this, but I will dominate it.