Sunday, January 9, 2011

Day 964: The end of the second beginning.

I received a rejection (my second!) from UCLA yesterday. When I saw the letter in the pile of mail, I thought, well, finally. Took you long enough. Good thing I wasn't holding my breath for an interview/good news. I have become much more zen and what-will-be-will-be about this year. It certainly helps I have already been accepted to medical school, so a lot of the pressure is off. And honestly, I have grown into the idea of becoming a midwesterner. I have two friends from the area--both of whom have been more than willing to introduce me to their friends still in the area, give me tips on where to live and where to hang out and where to explore, and have both just been real superstars about getting me settled into the town before I move out there.

So, to the remaining rejections I have yet to receive, bring them on. I'm ready for this application cycle to be over and for the next phase of my medical career to begin.