Friday, January 28, 2011

Day 983: The grind

You know, this is a poorly titled post. The word grind (in my mind) conjures up the image of someone working diligently and somewhat frazzled-ly because of how much work there is to do. My situation is actually the opposite of grind. It's very routine, but the last thing it is is a grind.

I wake up. I do yoga (I've been lagging lately). I eat breakfast (Cheerios!). I bike to the lab. I plug in my laptop and chat with people/read stroke papers/listen to NPR/check my email 8-billion times/sit around. I eat lunch. I continue chatting with people/reading stroke papers/listening to whatever NPR/Morning Edition I haven't finished listening to/checking my email/sitting around. If the lab PC is availble, I switch over to do some work. I leave at 4pm for my bike ride home. Depending on the day, I go to the gym with my friend around 5 or I go for a run around my 'hood. I come home. I shower. I work. I watch TV with my Mom. I go to bed around midnight.

Rinse. Repeat on weekdays, if desired. (It's not a desire so much as, well, a routine. And besides, no one's home and I just become the biggest lollygagger on the face of the Earth if I stay at home so at least I get a 20-minute-each-way bike ride in.)