Monday, June 28, 2010

Day 769: Doctordom

I volunteered at a Spinal Muscular Atrophy conference yesterday. This conference was primarily for physicians and the last day, the day I was there, was for the patients.

I want to tell you how much this conference affected me. It furthered my desire to not have children because who knows if you'll be one of the lucky ones to have a "normal" child. It really deepened my passion for medicine. Meeting these kids, who are so bright that I told their parents that if the kids kept talking to me, they would realize they were a lot smarter than me and wouldn't want to talk to me anymore, was just a truly precious experience that I'll never forget. And meeting parents who understood where I was coming from (my distaste of doctors and their holier-than-thou attitude) and found me to be "refreshing" was just added bonus.

I feel like being a physician is so far away but when stuff like this happens, I'm reminded that no matter how far away it is, everything is within one's reach. You just have to stretch. Really really far.