Monday, June 7, 2010

Day 748: I want to tell you a story

There once was a girl named Jessica. She was a happy, friendly, idealistic child. As time passed, she saw that the world was not as happy, friendly or idealistic as she was. Jessica grew up fast.

She did lots of things her own way. She graduated high school at a young age. She graduated college early. She decided working 80 hours a week at a job where she would barely move up the food chain was not going to cut it for her. She looked elsewhere and found medicine. She went ahead and studied and learned things and did everything she could do get her medical/science act together. She applied to medical schools. She proceeded to get rejected by 18 medical schools. During this time she got braces. She felt unattractive, unwanted and just about as small as a human being can feel.

Things were looking up. Her teeth were shifting and getting straighter. Her mind was getting clearer and she realized medicine is where she belonged and she would not be defeated. All these things were picking up. However, the universe decided that too many things were picking up. So, the universe picked Jessica off her bicycle and threw her (face first) onto the pavement. Her shoulder hurts. Her face is bruised. Her braces are not coming off in June as planned. Instead, they are coming off half-past never. Her application will never be submitted, or so it feels like. June (and 2010 in general) hates Jessica.

Jessica can't even fully feel anything anymore without feeling guilty. She has a good life and yet she wants to be a sourpuss and rot in her own depression, deprecation and deformities. This is where we are today. Jessica is bruised, broken and bandaged. She doesn't believe in good things happening to her and doesn't want things anymore. Believing and wanting only lead to face planting. Literally.


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