Sunday, March 1, 2009

Day 285: Cold studying

It's cold out...and in my apartment. To avoid utilities overages, I set my thermostat to 65 degrees. Apparently I have to keep it at that temperature so my pipes won't burst. Anyway, I'm feeling especially cold right now, so I'm wearing four layers of tops, two pairs of pants, two pairs of socks and a hat. ...I look amazing.

In other news, I ran eight miles today. I'm aiming for double-digit mileage. (And then a half-marathon?)

I've got a lot of studying to do this week. I'm not that worried about it for some reason. I think I just know I'll get it done. And Organic seems less daunting this time around and Physics is Physics. Physiology is just cool. We're being quizzed on muscles -- skeletal (the ones we can see and feel) and smooth (the ones that make up blood vessels, airways and abet digestion). Hmm, what can I tell you about muscles that won't put you to sleep?

Oh, this is interesting. When there is a blockage in your blood vessel, pressure on that blood vessel increases. This increased pressure causes your body to produce more (vascular circular) smooth muscle to support the blood vessel (so that it doesn't burst = aneurysm). If the blockage (aka plaque) doesn't move, too much muscle is built around the vessel and this creates even more pressure on the blood vessel. Eventually the plaque will enter the vessel (rather than just hang out on its outskirts) and that could lead to a myocardial infarction (heart attack).

Crazy right?

The body is crazy freaking cool. I can't wait to cut one open!