Sunday, July 20, 2008

Day 061: Feeling caught up...for now

I'm sensing a pattern of blogging when class is over for the week (Thursday) and then again before the week starts (Sunday). Huh.

Anyway, I'm finally feeling caught up. I'm all studied out for our test on acids and bases tomorrow. I've done all the suggested and practice problems. As well as reading the book chapters and my notes. I'll probably read my notes again tonight before bed but at this point, I need to look ahead to Thursdays test on electrochemistry. We did a lab relating to it on Thursday which was kind of fun -- we used baby-baby spark plugs (essentially) and measured voltage of different metals and it sounds scintillating I'm sure. haha, well, considering our lab on Tuesday and Wednesday was more annoying than the song that never ends, well, it was quite refreshing really.

Luckily, the lab reports for those two weren't so bad. I'm really impressed with myself. I usually feel like I'm trying to catch up to what's going on half the time (because of this weird 8am class, I have a theory I will elaborate on in a second), and I finally feel caught up. Right now, I'm reading what he taught us on Thursday (the beginning of electrochemistry, focusing on oxidation-reduction reactions)

OIL (Oxidation, electron is lost) RIG (Reduction, electron is gained)

and hoping to actually read ahead? (Knock on wood) We'll see.

As I mentioned earlier, I think our professor teaches our 8am class like a 5pm class. He presents information as if we should have read about it beforehand so I feel he doesn't always delve as much into things as he could. Then the rest of the day (after lab) is dedicated to teaching what he should have taught me? Does that make sense? He's really clear and if you're 100%-focused, then you should be able to follow along. It helps to read just in case you weren't 100%-focused and it just helps to clarify concepts that he may not have covered well/thoroughly. So instead of being ahead as he seems to think we are, we're all really trying to catch up, every single day. This isn't a bad thing really. I'm just grateful he's so on top of things and helpful and organized (I really can't stress how important organization and structure is) and as long as I learn the stuff (a third through him, a third through the Fantastic Four (Five-ish; we have a "new" kid who studies with us sometimes) and a third just by myself), that's all that matters.

Until Thursday and then one more week! Time sure does fly. I'm sure you'll all depressed summer is coming to an end soon. Summer's almost here (for me), haha.