Thursday, May 14, 2015

Day 3293: Hooding Ceremony

Today was the hooding ceremony. A little history...

The "hood" that is part of the academic costume was originally designed as a head covering to keep tonsured heads warm in cold, unheated buildings. It dates back to the medieval days of some of the oldest universities in the world. Today, hoods are the most expressive part of the academic costume. They not only indicate the field of study which has been completed but the degree and the institution's colors. The hooding ceremony signifies a scholarly personal achievement. Graduated members (senior leaders, faculty and special hooders) of the profession place the hood on the student as a symbol of their passage from student status to graduate status.

The coveted pictures of this special ceremony:

A fun candid with some classmates before Hooding

This is the core group of classmates I had on my very first
clinical rotation as a third year medical student.
We are really going to miss each other :(

With the fam after the ceremony

My BFF and her newly appointed Marine hubby came out too!

Three-fourths of our high school quartet!

My sister came to celebrate with me!

Lastly, the man who has been with me through the
craziest four years of my life thus far.

This was followed by Senior Dinner. This dinner was put on by my school. They had us pay for some pricey (just okay tasting, therefore making it overpriced) meals and gave out awards to various seniors. I didn't get an award mainly because, despite my loud personality, I kind of just kept to myself throughout medical school. And, I am a middling medical student anyway so I wasn't expecting to be awarded anything for my stellar (sarcastic) academic record.

Overall, the dinner was nice. It was nice to be there with my friends and family. Here are some pictures of senior dinner below.

Me and my closest friend in med school

Nicki came out too! So happy she could make the time!