Friday, May 1, 2015

Day 3279: Holy crap it's May.

Hey everyone. I don't know where the time has gone. I even had things to report on, but clearly, they weren't that important if I couldn't even blog about them. Anyway, if I had to be honest, blogging is not my top priority. This is due primarily to some family issues and blogging doesn't feel as natural anymore (with the possibility that some family members will be reading this). It isn't an excuse, but it may provide some insight in to the slow pickins' you have for posts to read.

Now! Onto my April's goings-on!
  • We celebrated Danny's brother's and mother's birthdays at the beginning of the month (their birthdays are two days apart). I made a Chinese feast for his mother! Dumplings, bok choy, sauteed cabbage, Taiwanese meat sauce with rice, and eggplant! A feast, I say!
  • I met a lovely lady on the interview trail, we'll call her Cate, and we had the chance to meet up in Milwaukee while she was in town for a wedding. It was amazingggg to be reunited with her. We have been texting throughout interview season and beyond Match Day so to actually see her face-to-face again. I met her hilarious, adorable boyfriend (and she met mine) and we just had the best few hours together. We plan on reuniting on the east coast (she matched in New York state)!
Cate and I at a Milwaukee staple, Kopp's
  • Danny and I drove to Baltimore one weekend to look for housing. It was CUHRAZY. We drove 12 hours through the night and went housing hunting all day Saturday. We were zombies come 3pm. We ultimately found a place to live, and we are excited about our move to B'More!
  • Danny got us some paying jobs for the rest of May. We are working with an organization out of Rutgers University (yes, in Jersey) and making some much-needed moolah before we move.
  • I saw my clinical continuity patient for the last time. I just did a quick search and apparently I have never spoken about him! BG is a patient I have been following for the past two years. He has 2+ chronic medical conditions that I manage and it has been a treat getting to know him and care for him these past two years. It has reminded me why I got in to this absurd profession in the first place -- to be able to help care for people. We will miss each other, but he will be getting a great new med student and I will be off to Baltimore to care for my own new patients :)
  • Lastly, April has seen my co-interns and I emailing and texting a lot. My class is all women, which I am pumped about. Too often I find women hating on each other and tearing each other down (I will not deny I am victim to this pattern once a day or more). I am thrilled to have 3 other women whom I can turn to and really build (lasting) relationships with. I mean, it's residency. If this isn't bond-forming, I don't know what is.
Now that I have updated you all, however belatedly, as is my modus operandi, I will try to blog more this month and in to residency. What are your thoughts on creating a new blog for residency? Since this is "On to an MD" and I will have an MD come MAY FIFTEENTH (WHAT???), maybe it's time for a change? Please fill out the poll below with your thoughts! :)

Okay, talk soon. I promise on my diploma that I will.


Should I start a new blog once I begin residency in June 2015?