Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Day 3285: Life is getting hectic.

You would think with 9 days until graduation, I would be living the easy life. No. I am not. My medical school has this class preparing us for our intern year. That would be one thing, learning about different things I will encounter (aka be called "doctor" and expected to do something for). The worst part is, there is an exam 4 days before graduation. So, I am studying. For the first time since August 2014, I have to study. Puh-lease.

On top of that, the job that Danny got us is great. I get to work with children and, most importantly, I get to make money. The problem? Makin' that paper and doing all this classwork/studying for this exam.

Then, there is figuring out moving costs (should we get professional movers or professional helpers aka "muscle men" to move all our stuff), getting all my stuff done for residency (completing training for the electronic medical record, sending health info, doing fingerprinting for the VA, et cetera), and actually graduating (with all the stress that involves of having family and friends and hosting everyone well), I'm kind of supernotrelaxed as I head in to my final week of medical school.

How is this my life?