Sunday, February 1, 2015

Day 3191: Bonjour Fevrier!

Okay, so, I still suck at blogging so far in 2015. But. I hope to blog between work days because (drumroll please) I am in Taiwan! I am on a dermatology rotation this month. My first day so far has been quite crazy. My classmate and I showed up to orientation at 9am, we signed a bunch of forms, received our IDs, and then were thrown in to derm clinic. Honestly, thrown in. We walk in to this clinic room and it is stuffed with white coats; another visiting student from New York, a current Taiwanese medical student, two residents, an attending, oh, and the patient. The two most pressing observations are as follows:

1) The patient could care less that there are six white coats in the room. In America, the patient is already annoyed at having to meet more than one white coat in sequence. You better believe a patient would abhor a room full of white coats. Especially a room full of white coats where half of them are not even participating in the discussion with the patient.

2) Doctor versus patient location. In Taiwan, the doctor stays in the room and the patient is called in, one at a time. It is a revolving door of patients. Compare this to the US, where each patient is roomed separately and a doctor runs among his/her different rooms to see each patient. In Taiwan, it is more efficient to see each patient as s/he comes in. 

After a full morning of clinic, my classmate and I finally have our orientation with our resident/contact person for the month. It's a diverse mix of inpatient dermatology, outpatient/clinic, and surgery/procedures

It has been a full first day! Clinic, orientation, consults. And LOTS of Mandarin!

More tomorrow!

(Note: The titles (Day xxxx: ...) for this month are a little off! I am writing based on Taiwan date and time so it is 2/2/15 as I write this! The future!)