Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Day 3214: The future is now


Today is the day! Rank lists are due! At 9:01pm eastern standard time, my future was officially out of my hands. The computer has completed running the program that has decided where I will be trained as Dr. Jessica Lee over the next four years. 


And I don't get to find out until Friday March 20th! Torturous!

It's been nice to be here in Taiwan when all of this drama is going down. Being in a US medical environment would make this whole month too stressful. Everyone would ask "where is your number one program??" Over and over again. I would lose it. Probably stab someone with the nearest needle. So, just chatting with my friends via messaging apps is sufficient. I just want to make sure everyone ends up where they are supposed to be (and hopefully happy to boot).

Until next time!