Monday, October 27, 2014

Day 3099: My second and third interviews

Numero 2:
I love this place. It's got a ton of residents, a ton of great fellowship placement, a ton of fringe benefits (like free health/dental/vision insurance), and one of my most darling friends lives here. I can't be too specific because I want to maintain the anonymity of this place, but boy was it grand! The facilites are beautiful, the program director is a boss, and so on. More reasons why this is so: there is strong support from the categorical programs (which, as previously mentioned, is important to me). I realized on this interview that program director support is also important to me and this director has gobs of support to give. Everyone did a good job of assuaging my concerns about the fine balance between resident autonomy and resident support (support = super sick patients trying to die on me in the middle of the night and knowing I have a senior resident/fellow/attending I can call without fear of retribution). All in all, number 2 is topping number 1.

Number 3:
This was one of my less desirable programs. Less desirable meaning not in the specialty of my choice, but in a specialty that provides Danny and I more chances of ending up in the same city. So, this place didn't blow me out of the water, but what was surprising was how I liked the applicants more than my desired specialty. Maybe it's due to the number of applicants interviewed, or maybe I came in on a good day, but I was quite saddened to learn I liked these people more than I liked the people in the profession I hope to enter. Nevertheless, it is a categorical program so I suppose I do have the chance of working with them at some point. I guess there is a silver lining to everything. All in all, I wouldn't mind matching here but there are other places I would rather be.

Another interview this week team! I will keep you updated!