Friday, October 10, 2014

Day 3082: Interview offers & a rejection

Hey all!

My schedule of "self-study" on my new rotation has me lacking in things to tell you. Oh, I mean, I guess I have interviews, but school-wise, nothing to report.

So. INTERVIEWS. I got my first one September 19th and I nearly collapsed from joy. As an extremely average test-taker, I was worried as all get out that I would not get a single interview. Never mind my excellent clinical grades and my advisor telling me I am "such a strong candidate." Never mind all those things. I am clearly too in my head to believe what anyone else tells me and I was deathly afraid I was going to be one of the sad few who did not match come March and had to participate in the ever unwanted Scramble (now called SOAP). FYI, the Scramble occurs the week of the Match. You are informed Monday of that week that you did not match at a residency program and your week is comprised of scrambling (hence the name) for a program with an open spot who will accept you for the year while you figure your ish out. Anyway, back to my inner dialogue. So, since September 19th, I have had a steady roll of interview offers and I could not be more thrilled/overjoyed/shocked.

Today, October 10th, I have had 17 interview offers. I am happy with the mix of programs I have so far, and all I can say is, keep 'em coming! I want to see as many places as financially and temporally possible. It is amazing how quickly November and December (my vacation months aka interview months) fill up when you take in to consideration no one interviews applicants the week of Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year's. I am interviewing all over -- lots of Midwest programs, a couple on the East Coast, a couple in the South and a couple on the West Coast. I can't name names to protect myself and the programs, but I will be so very happy to share with you all where I end up come March 20, 2015!

Last but not least, I received an interview from a program this evening telling me I was rejected. You know what program? I don't want to go to your program anyway. Hmph! Surprise, I am smart enough to figure out that if you do not contact me, you do not want to interview me and I am therefore rejected. You don't need to get my hopes up with an email, only to have them doused in a torrential downpour of rejection. K? THX...NOT.

Ha, bitterness is not a quality I like to demonstrate, and truthfully, I'm not all that bitter. This is my first rejection of the season and it wasn't pleasant. I wasn't dying to go to this program anyway, but I did not appreciate being told that I am not "worthy" of your program. On to next week where more programs will hopefully be sending me offers and I can start to pick and choose! :)