Sunday, June 1, 2014

Day 2953: Bye bye inpatient peds

I survived night float...barely. I got sick half-way through, and am only finally feeling better (about 7 days after first getting sick). Not sleeping enough, courtesy of inpatient pediatrics, really takes a toll on one's ability to heal. Anyway, pediatrics is over...the hard part. The 12 hour days start to get extremely boring after a while, especially as a medical student. I can't put in orders for medications or labs, I can consult other services but can't do anything about their recommendations. And, my intern (who I was paired with) and senior resident (essentially the boss of the team) were terrible. I am so glad to be done with inpatient peds. Probably the worst part of everything was the fact that my team was so awful, I had a difficult time looking past that fact and couldn't quite figure out if I enjoyed taking care of children. I think outpatient pediatrics (what I am on this month) will provide me with insight as to whether I can handle taking care of kids.

In other news, I have lots of visits in store! My parents will be in town in two weeks. My darling friend Tiff will be here a few days after that. Then, pediatrics will be over and I will officially be a fourth year medical student! On the way out of this peach pit! Holy cow!