Monday, March 3, 2014

Day 2864: Where has the time gone?

I am really hoping to ramp up my posting from here on out because 2 posts in the past 62 days (since the beginning of 2014) is a little ridiculous. Also, have two posts in a row discuss time (and how bad I am at it) is another sign of what a bad blogger I have been to you all.

Anyway, I completed my internal medicine rotation on the 28th and...I have to tell you something. I loved it. I didn't think I would inpatient medicine at all (inpatient = I see and take care of hospitalized patients), based on my enjoyment of outpatient medicine (outpatient = seeing a patient in the clinic) and my complete lack of inpatient medicine exposure. But I gotta tell ya, I truly enjoyed it. The cases were varied and extremely interesting. My attendings over my two-month rotation were fab-tacular. I had a great team on wards (wards = students, residents, and one attending taking care of a number of hospital patients), which I contribute to my continued desire to pursue medicine.

I have officially put urology to bed and I will be pursuing a residency in either med-peds (outlined in this post) or solely medicine. It's exciting to know I am moving in the direction of my future, wherever that will take me.

More posts (of varying substantiality and length) to come within the week.