Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Day 2224: Let's hear it for New York

Here they are. The New York pictures. If you follow my Instagram, which most of you do, you will have seen a majority of these. Nevertheless...the pictures.

Work-for-hire picture by Jamey (Danny's brother)

Times Square, or as Danny calls it "people soup"

World Trade Center / Freedom Tower

The love of my life.

Manhattan Bridge

Central Park - Turtle Pond

Belvedere Castle, Central Park (with Danny and Jamey)

Me and my lovely ladies at Brooklyn Bowl

Talib Kweli at Brooklyn Bowl (a stupendous show!)

Talib sang "You Say He's Just A Friend," "Eleanor Rigby,"
and basically rocked the socks off everyone in the venue.

30 Rock

Inside St. Patrick's Cathedral, where Danny wrote a little
farewell to Pope Benedict on behalf of his family.

Atlas, near Rockefeller Plaza

It's official -- Danny likes New York when it's warm.

Shutter-priority takes forever and makes for blurry photos.
This darling was the most amazing and accommodating host!