Thursday, November 8, 2012

Day 2093: Good-bye Apo.

There is no good way to say this. My father's mother (my paternal grandmother) died today. My sister called to tell me. My parents are so concerned with my school(ing) that they didn't tell me (not right away anyway) until later/I called them.

My dad is en route to tomorrow/Taiwan Friday night and my sister and mother will be following him next Wednesday. I will be here. In the US. Learning, studying, doctor-things. (I have my path exam on Friday and my pharm exam on Monday).

To be honest, I'm fine. She lived in Taiwan my entire life so I only met her a handful of times. On top of that, we never spoke the same language (she speaks a village dialect and I definitely do not). This doesn't mean I am not sad, on my behalf or my father's behalf, but it's a blunted form of sadness. Also, my grandmother was getting pretty on in age and she had more than a few health setbacks in the past decade, so, it was (and obviously is) her time. She died in her sleep, which is the most that anyone can ask for.