Sunday, November 4, 2012

Day 2089: Flippin' out, good and bad.

On Friday, I flipped out at my mom after she and my dad were super on my case. And I mean cursing, yelling, crying...the whole bit. Luckily, my mom is the best, and she just let me get it all out and apologized for being too hard on me. Then, I called on Saturday to apologize for yelling at her (while still maintaining my case about no need for added stress) and she joked that she would probably still be on my case. Thanks Mom.

Saturday I had free clinic again. Nothing was stolen! A good day! Actually, it was pretty good. The patients were pretty standard, but it was cool to be able to perform some of the physical exam (and teach it to an M1!) and converse with the M3 about drugs (while she subtly pimped me on them). (FYI, "pimp" in medicine means when someone smarter than you asks you medical stuff. For example, my M3 pimped me on statins. What is the main side effect? Rhabdomyolysis (muscle degradation) What is the other cholesterol drugs that statins should not be used with? Gemfebrozil.) It's rewarding to know that I actually do know something.

And then this morning, while studying and getting an extra hour of sleep (thank you Daylight Savings!), my friend sent me this link. Does any one else find it crazy that I know most of these drugs? I sure as heck do. On top of that knowledge, I can figure out the rest just based on their name. Holy cow Batman! Jessica actually knows something? Well. The world is surely about to end ;)