Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Day 1934: Post-death

Urgle gurgle burgle I am sick.

I got sick either Friday or Saturday night (I can't remember) when I awoke the next morning with a bad-news-bears-throat-hurting-situation. I always get sick this way. No cough. No stuffy nose. What I have is a complete inability to swallow without wanting to rip my own throat out to stop the pain.

Yesterday was day 2 or 3 and, as most colds/whatever this is goes, it's always worst in the middle of it. So, I pretty much felt like complete death yesterday. Aches everywhere. My throat in constant pain. Headaches. General dizziness and lightheadedness. Fever. Death, I tell you.

I took four Advil before I went to bed last night. I discovered the night before that if I don't take Advil before bed, I will awake in the middle of the night in terrible throat pain and will not be able to get back to sleep without drugs. In the middle of my death fervor, I awoke in a complete sweat. My body and pajamas were completely soaked with sweat. I believe in sweating it out so I suppose it was good that that happened because I awoke feeling much much better this morning. I should be able to not die when I hang out with some friends tomorrow and Thursday.

Back to my regularly scheduled Euro 2012 watching while sweating in bed/couch/anywhere my body touches.