Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day 1072: Taiwan Pictures, Part 1

 I knew my stay in Taiwan was going to be ab fab because
this Taiwanese pop group (I have no idea who they are)
were welcoming me to Taiwan. Yes.

 A view of Kaohsiung (a city in the south of Taiwan where
my mom is from!) from the High Speed Rail station

 A view from the car on the way to my Dad's parents house
in Ping Tung (a village also in the south of Taiwan)

 The view of some Chinese named mountain that I climbed
with my dad and my aunt whilst in Ping Tung

 A city street in Taipei (the capital of Taiwan)
(using my Hipstamatic app on my ipHone)

 The beginning (from one of the many "ends") of
(using Hipstamatic)

 Shilin Night Market

Taipei 101 (the infamous skyscraper in Taiwan)

 The entrance to the Imperial Palace in Taipei, Taiwan

 Getting closer to the actual palace

The outside of the Flora Expo in Taipei, Taiwan
(my dad was too lazy to buy tickets/enter, and my
cousin told us it was actual somewhat boring)