Monday, April 25, 2011

Day 1070: I think I have avoidance issues

As you can see, it has been 70 days since I last posted. I want to say things haven't changed since Day 1000 and I can say that with about 67% accuracy.

The beauty of Blogger is, it lets me pre-post things and have them post later. So while I was posting collages for the Super Bowl (WHERE THE PACKERS WON!), I was actually in Taiwan! I visited relatives I haven't seen in 9 years! All I have to say about the trip was, it was quite a trip (both literally and figuratively). It was wonderful to see family and meet cousins I had never met and it was good to see where my parents came from and what they left in order to give my sister and I all the opportunities we have now.

Aside from Taiwan, things really haven't changed. I have stopped partaking in rat deaths neurosurgical researchy things because the main colleagues I work with have been away. Also, I'm just lazy and the past few months at the lab (before I stopped going) were very slow and I thought I could be spending my time more wisely. Am I? Spending my time more wisely? Uhhh, sure. I'm a big fat lollygagger (which apparently derives from lallygag, which I like the sound of more so I am now officially a lallygagger). I hang out at home and do homely things--cleaning, eating, more cleaning, more eating. I still work at my actual paid job, to pay the few bills I have (read: shopping addiction habit) so it's really a sweet life.

Besides, when school begins in mid-August (CRAP! I have to tell my NoLa school I'm not attending their school) all the brain cells I am currently stock-piling and putting on reserve will be used in full force. Therefore I am enjoying this lallygagging time fully and wholeheartedly.

Socially, I'm meeting new people which is good. It's good to use my social muscles, but I forgot how tiring it is to be constantly engaged with other people. It's good, don't get me wrong, but still tiring. Nevertheless, socializing is good. I think it makes my sister glad to know I'm not an unsociable hermit and quells my parents' unspoken fears that I will end up an old maid, haha.

Who likes all this text? Not me. Too much to read and I lose interest in myself pretty quickly. Thus, I shall leave and promise to a) post pictures of Taiwan, b) post more. PROMISE.